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Spirit Guides

who they are and how to contact them

Remember that your guides have been with you since your arrival into this world.

They have always been there to guide you, love you, and protect you.

Acknowledge them every day and begin a beautiful dialog with them.

Their sole desire

is to do the job that they have promised to do for you:  Guide YOU

Guides come in many forms.  Your guides may look completely different from

the guides that others may have.

Some of your guides may have existed on this earth plane and some may not have.

Some types of guides are inter-dimensional beings, relatives, ancestors, animals, faeries, angels,

avatars, and saintly beings.

Some guides have a great sense of humor and some are very etheric and spiritual.

Relatives may project characteristics that they were known for when they

were alive so that you might recognize them.

In whatever form they take, remember that they are here to assist you on your soul’s journey. 

They will help you accomplish the goals that your soul seeks to achieve.

Guides act as teachers, mentors, agents to warn you and keep you out of arms way.

They may help guide you to certain experiences; even to find important links, people, and lessons

 in your life.

Even when you are stubborn about following their kind promptings about important matters that affect your soul’s growth, they will persist and find a way to get you there.

They are fully committed to you.

The guides that you come in with you at birth are with you till  you leave this earth plane.

However, there are additional guides, special guides that come in to carry you through a

particular period in your life.

Your guides may collaborate with and use Angels, Faeries,  Animals and other Beings

to help you with important lessons and carry you through difficult experiences.

Guides communicate with you in variety of ways. The most common way is through

intuition and telepathy.

They may communicate with you in a variety of other ways:  dreams, prayer, meditation,

nature, through books, and other people.

You may ask, “how do I distinguish a message from a guide vs. my own thoughts”?

There is a quality to the message that you feel compelled to listen to it.

It is a thought that is posed to you in a form of a suggestion.

It may feel like someone talking to you, but, you don’t hear a voice.

It may feel like a hunch you want to follow.

Sometimes, without cause,  they will suddenly fill you with feelings of love and peace.

Remember that you are never alone and that they love you very deeply.




things your guides will not ask you to do


Your Guides will not ask you to do the following:


  • gives you information that goes beyond human decency and logic
  • informs you that the people who love you are plotting against you
  • will ask you to do things that are morally not correct……..don’t rob a bank!
  • ask you to do things to yourself or others that is harmful


Meditation to bring in your guides


Find a comfortable place to sit and be totally quiet.

If you have quiet music and you don’t find it distracting, you can play this in the background.

Center yourself and take a few deep and slow breaths.

Start with your feet and move upward towards the top of your head,

find any pockets of stress or worry in the body.

When you find a pocket of stress, say to yourself, ” I can release this now”.

Allow the stress to dissolve and move on to the next area that is holding stress.

When you reach the top of your head and when you feel relax, you can

begin to work with your guides.

Create an environment for you and your guides to connect.

For example, you may create a beautiful place in nature or a

comfortable room.

Feel this environment fully.

Use your senses fully.

Ask your guides to come into the environment that you have created.

Listen to them

Feel them

Enjoy them

You may ask them questions and you may ask for guidance.

You will find that they are very willing to cooperate.

Good Luck !





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