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Dr. Alan Woods/The Urantia Book

Dr. Woods grew up as a very interested Christian in a Disciples of Christ Church in a small town in Missouri.  Good fortune, or God, or synchronicity, brought this church a Harvard Divinity trained minister who instilled a love of Bible and world religions in children in that church.  In University he became interested in Vedanta, Theosophy, and the writings of J. Krishnamurti.  Over 30 years ago he purchased a copy of the Urantia Book and it changed his life.  He found peace in the ability to hold beliefs in science and spirit at the same time.  In the late 1980s he took two years of from his dental practice and attended a Methodist seminary and pastored a church.  Here he found the teachings of the Urantia book to ring true with the scholarship of theology, religion, and Bible. Currently he is back in graduate school studying conflict analysis and engagement to try to learn to apply the teaching of the Urantia Book and other spiritual teachings in the interest of peace for individuals, families, corporations, and the world.  His core belief is that Jesus had a simple message:  Love God as Father, and your neighbor as yourself.  He believes that the Urantia Book of over 2000 pages boils down to the same simple message
In tonight’s discussion, Dr. Woods will talk about the layout of the book and about some of the sections that have proven most stimulating over the years.  He will also suggest an approach to the Urantia Book that makes a large, sometimes complicated book, little more accessible.


Join Us for a fascinating evening with Dr. Woods

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Spiritual Bliss: How to Recognize It

Many of you are beginning to experience states of Spiritual Bliss or States of Spiritual Ecstasy and don’t recognize it.

Many saints such as Saint Francis of Asissi, Saint Teresa of Avila, Yogi’s, Buddhist Monks, Muslim Saints all have described these extraordinary states of  Divine Bliss or moments with God.

Many of you have spent years studying Yoga, Meditation, and doing Spiritual Practices.  You may  not be recognizing your own experiences with Divine Union which creates these extraordinary moments of Bliss. 

Not much is currently written about these states and what they evoke. 

Monday Night SKYPE NIGHT (May 17 2010) we will explore what Spiritual Bliss is and how to recognize it.

Boundless Blessings,


The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go


Once the soul understands that it is in ‘the letting go’ that true liberation and all understanding is gifted,

Then, words like

Attachment, guilt, blame, anger, revenge, victimhood, loneliness, grip, grief, hate, fear, entitlement


Words that have a message and not words that have an everlasting flame.

Unconditional love,


Click here: YouTube – Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting go

 (You Tube by Healing Humanity.  Image of Angels by

John Holyfield)


Posted on: May 2, 2010

Why does the Spiritual Seeker need it?

For the last three months, we have been exploring many ways we can
receive help and guidance on our spiritual path
I would be remiss if I did not share with you some of the pitfalls along the way.
Everyone on a spiritual journey will encounter
What form that will take is individual.
Something will want to take your light away.
I don’t mean to frighten you, just give you knowledge.

Knowledge and your spiritual light is your is strength.

This Monday night SKYPE NIGHT will
explore what things that
go booo in the night…..
What things that can thwart your spiritual

We will also explore a few practical tools to protect yourself.

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  • Rod: With nearly 60 years of exposure (the 196 Papers were first published in 1955 as the Urantia Book), “Urantia” is still neither a cult nor a religi
  • peachbudda: Hi Erik, Thank you for viewing my blog and for the compliment. I tried to go to your blog and it said it no longer exists. I clicked on your link.
  • christoph: john was my next door neighbor in the northern san luis valley of colorado in 2008. he was an inspiration and joy to behold. his many stories of year