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Urantia Book

Posted on: May 23, 2010

Dr. Alan Woods/The Urantia Book

Dr. Woods grew up as a very interested Christian in a Disciples of Christ Church in a small town in Missouri.  Good fortune, or God, or synchronicity, brought this church a Harvard Divinity trained minister who instilled a love of Bible and world religions in children in that church.  In University he became interested in Vedanta, Theosophy, and the writings of J. Krishnamurti.  Over 30 years ago he purchased a copy of the Urantia Book and it changed his life.  He found peace in the ability to hold beliefs in science and spirit at the same time.  In the late 1980s he took two years of from his dental practice and attended a Methodist seminary and pastored a church.  Here he found the teachings of the Urantia book to ring true with the scholarship of theology, religion, and Bible. Currently he is back in graduate school studying conflict analysis and engagement to try to learn to apply the teaching of the Urantia Book and other spiritual teachings in the interest of peace for individuals, families, corporations, and the world.  His core belief is that Jesus had a simple message:  Love God as Father, and your neighbor as yourself.  He believes that the Urantia Book of over 2000 pages boils down to the same simple message
In tonight’s discussion, Dr. Woods will talk about the layout of the book and about some of the sections that have proven most stimulating over the years.  He will also suggest an approach to the Urantia Book that makes a large, sometimes complicated book, little more accessible.


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Althea Gray, Healer

1 Response to "Urantia Book"

With nearly 60 years of exposure (the 196 Papers were first published in 1955 as the Urantia Book), “Urantia” is still neither a cult nor a religion but an increasing number of readers worldwide who agree that our planet (Urantia) has indeed received its fifth epochal revelation.*

This revelatory text emphasizes but one theme: the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God … and contains no encouragement for the creation of another religion or the replacement of sacred books. While Dr. Sadler and others are considered by some researchers to be contributors to the content of this 2097-page tome, the evidence remains weak: material written by human authors that was edited (or paraphrased) and included by the celestial commission.**

Although some Sections of these Papers are difficult to read (typically material authored or sponsored by advanced celestial beings), most of the Papers are easily read … even if the material seems mysterious or conflicts with popular sacred books. Part IV, for example (nearly a third of the total content), validates the life of Jesus, provides much detail about his life, and is so readable that Part IV was once published as a separate Book.

The pages of this new online resource avoid promotion of persons, organizations and products to permit easy focus on this unprecedented, revelatory text: . The two publishers of the Urantia Book are mentioned on the Home page since their independent web sites provide quality information about the continuing worldwide dissemination of this revelation.

Certainly, the “call to service” requires a good measure of patience and creative interaction with members of our spiritual family who have yet to discover that “epochal revelation” is a continuing blessing for our planet.

* See:
** See: Acknowledgment by Celestial Authors/Sponsors
near the top of this page:

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  • Rod: With nearly 60 years of exposure (the 196 Papers were first published in 1955 as the Urantia Book), “Urantia” is still neither a cult nor a religi
  • peachbudda: Hi Erik, Thank you for viewing my blog and for the compliment. I tried to go to your blog and it said it no longer exists. I clicked on your link.
  • christoph: john was my next door neighbor in the northern san luis valley of colorado in 2008. he was an inspiration and joy to behold. his many stories of year


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