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Where Science and Spirituality Meet Full Circle

Meet Us on Skype Monday, June 14 for a Fascinating evening discussion with Bill Donovan on Science and Spirituality.

Contact: Althea Gray at

Class is limited to 10 people.

Something About Bill:

Bill was born in Chicago, Illinois into a family well steeped in science and philosophy. His father was a mechanical and electrical engineer that invented the liquid bottle packaging process used in today’s hospitals for sterile solutions. His mother was a nurse in World War II who was well read in various philosophies. This instilled an innate curiosity in their son, who was encouraged by his parents to search for the truth behind the mystery of life.

In his 20’s, he moved to the intentional community of Stelle, Illinois and continued his studies, collaborating in the Antigravity Handbook and the Emerging Energy Science database. This database contained 1508 references spanning alternative energy, gravity as well as paranormal phenomena. He spent 10 years there attempting to raise the awareness for alternative science and technology, finally leaving for Georgia to take care of his ailing father. While there, he finished a book his father started decades earlier, a novel about life in the south, and afterwards compiled his writings about energy science into a book titled, “Glimpses of Epiphany”.

After the passing of his father, Bill stayed on in Georgia, collaborating with various theoreticians and inventors who worked on various energy technologies, including those with healing modalities. He also studied George Meek’s work with the Spiricomm, a device that took electronic voice phenomena to the next level, what some called “a ham radio to the other side”. He was interested in a holistic integration of all phenomenology in nature with a scientific understanding, incorporating a world view encompassing all of reality, and perhaps beyond.

He brings to the table both the scientific as well as the philosophic perspectives, offering both as a point of balance.


Ascended Masters and the Seven Rays

Please Join Us for an Interesting Evening
Discussion on the Ascended Masters
The Seven Rays
As we begin this month, many planetary shifts into Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and a
lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26th,
we will feel personally and on a global scale CHANGE in a major way.
Many of these changes will feel unsettling and some will shift us into our
soul’s purpose.
Knowledge and staying in the FLOW is important as we begin to experience
the beginnings of the much talked about
I thought it appropriate to discuss Ascended Masters, who are they, and how we can call upon their help during this time.
Ascended Masters are Self Realized beings whose main purpose is to serve
We will further discuss the Seven Rays and how we can use this ancient knowledge to
expand and deepen our consciousness .
Date:  Monday June  7th
Time:  6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
Cost:  No Charge for those who are in my Soul Journey Program
         $18.00 for those who are not.  Visa/MC accepted
How to Down Load Skype:  Go to /it is a free down load
Follow the prompts.  Email me your skype address and add me to your skype address book:  hellopeaches
Class limit is 10:  email me at to register
May Your Week Be Blessed In Every Way,


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