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Back To Your Bones

Vision Quest


One of our fellow Soul Journeyer’s sent this You Tube clip on Spirals
As you know, I have been guided this year to awaken your latent DNA, to open Star Seeds if you contain them, and to re connect you to your original Divine Blue Print.
Those of you who have had this activation from me have opened your hearts in an extraordinary way.
You are more compassionate beings. The travails of life seem to move along like ribbons in the wind.
Know that the winds of change are upon you. You have a glorious opportunity to wake up and be the
beauty that you know exist despite what is going on around you.
Up coming, PEACHBUDDA is sponsoring a Vision Quest with Navajo Medicine Man Gomo Martinez.
We will journey with the ‘ancient ones’ to reconnect you to your ancient ancestors,
to realign you fully with your Divine Blue Print
and to
awaken all of your true potential.
What you have been waiting for is happening NOW.
A flyer will be forthcoming with dates, time, and place here in
ancient New Mexico.
With my love and blessings,



Learn to Receive "Messages from Spirit"

 Learn How to Receive

 “Messages from Spirit”

Please join us for an investigation into how
you can use your intuition, your guides, angels, the plant, and mineral world to receive visions and messages that could
enrich and guide your life.
With Saturn squaring Pluto for the next several years, we get an opportunity to face our deepest fears so that we can finally be rid of them.
This U-Tube gives a very good explanation of this square:
A shadow is something hidden.  Sometimes the very things that are hidden are the very things that liberate you.
Shadows can be filled with seeming vampires or treasures that you need to free your life
from suffering.
Stories hidden in your shadow may open the doorway to finding your authentic self and your life’s purpose.
This Skype Night will begin a series of discussions on how to receive help
from our spirit resources to journey into your own hidden stories that
want to bare light.
I look forward to yet another fun Skype Night
with you.
Time: 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
How to Skype:  Skype is a free download   Follow the easy prompts to get your new ‘Skype’ address.  Email me your address
Add my skype name to your address book:  hellopeaches
Cost: Free for those in my Soul Journey program.  $18 for those who are not.
Visa and MC are accepted.
Class is limited to 10, so, email me if you are going to join us.

 July 12, 2010

What Do All of those Frequencies
Have you been puzzled by buzz words such as, “the earth is losing it’s magnetism”
Schumman Frequencies, geopathic stress, ?
Spend an evening with Scientist William (Bill) Donavan. who will uncover these mysteries
and discuss how these frequencies are effecting you. 
Be ready to take out a pen and paper because Bill is a store house of knowledge.
I look forward to seeing you all on Monday night ‘Skype Night’
Times will be different this Monday due to Colette’s
Alumni Program
Time:  3PM pacific, 4 PM mountain, 5 PM Central, 6 PM Central
How to Skype:  Skype is a free download.  Follow the easy prompts.  Email me your skype name
add me to your skype address book:  hellopeaches
Costs: Free to those who are in my Soul Journey Program  All others pay
           $18  Visa and MC accepted
Class Limit is 10  email me if you are going to join us


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  • Rod: With nearly 60 years of exposure (the 196 Papers were first published in 1955 as the Urantia Book), “Urantia” is still neither a cult nor a religi
  • peachbudda: Hi Erik, Thank you for viewing my blog and for the compliment. I tried to go to your blog and it said it no longer exists. I clicked on your link.
  • christoph: john was my next door neighbor in the northern san luis valley of colorado in 2008. he was an inspiration and joy to behold. his many stories of year