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Connect to the Angels

During these times of dramatic shifts and transformations, the Angels want to help you know that you are never alone. You can call on them whenever you feel scared, nervous or unsure of your footing and an Angel will be there. Join Diana Dorell, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner by Doreen Virtue, PhD to help you connect with these magnificent beings of Light and feel supported and loved! 

About Diana Dorell:

Diana is dedicated to empowering women and helping them trust and develop their intuitive gifts and connections to Spirit.She is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® by Doreen Virtue PhD, certified Reiki Master and soon-to-be author. Diana currently hosts the popular Tuesday night radio show, “Dancing to the Beat of your Own Soul!” on (10pm EST) and The Diana Dorell Show: How to Be a Goddess Thursdays on

She comes from a long line of powerful healers and is grateful to her Spirit Guide and grandmother, Mercedes (a TRUE GODDESS!) for continuing to teach her the ways of Spirit.

Diana’s website and powerful video “Do Angels Exist?”:

Find her on Facebook: 

Please join us for an insightful evening with Diana !



How to skype: is a free download  Follow the simple prompts.  Email me your new skype name at   Be sure to add my skype name:  hellopeaches

Time: 6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern

Cost: Free for my Soul Journeyers   $18 for all others  Visa, MC accepted

Space is limited.  Email me if you wish to join us.

Co-Dependency: How to Recognize It
As a Healer,  I have found that there are several stumbling blocks to deep healing,  one is Co-Dependency and an inability to Forgive.
I sent this out a year ago, but, thought it important to send it out again.

There are 5 Core Symptoms of Co-Dependence
Symptom No. 1
Difficulty Experiencing Appropriate Levels of Self-Esteem
ex. I feel worthless /or feel grandiose about themselves
How does this happen?
Childhood put downs or parents teaching their children to be hyper critical.
Symptom No. 2
Difficulty Setting Functional Boundaries
ex.  I cannot tell when I have done too much…….it always feels like I have not done enough.  I cannot detect my own boundaries or boundaries of others
Symptom No. 3
Difficulty Owning Our Own Reality
ex. Who am I? What do I feel? Can’t really tell what is right or wrong/ hard to own my own behavior and how it  effects or impacts others
Symptom No. 4
Difficulty Acknowledging and Meeting Our Own Needs and Wants and Being Interdependent with Others
ex. Difficulty acknowledging and meeting my own needs and wants/my needs are interdependent on others.
I like golf because you like golf.
“I am too dependent”
“I am too interdependent”
“I am needless and wantless”
“I get my wants and needs confused”
Symptom No. 5
Difficulty Experiencing and Expressing Our Reality Moderately
“The body: some Co dependents dress to hide there bodies, and some dress flamboyantly so that people stare at them.”
Thinking: “Co -dependents think in black and white, right or wrong, good or bad……….with few grey areas”
“If you don’t agree with me completely/then, you are against me.”
Feelings: The heart and soul of Co-Dependent lies in their difficulty in knowing what their feelings really are and how
to share them.  They can feel little or no emotions or feel explosive/agonizing feelings.
Frozen Feelings from Childhood:  When the Co-Dependent
opens and feel their painful childhood experiences,
It is almost too over whelming for them…..the person feels vulnerable and childlike…the person wants to resist feeling them.
How do these five core feelings sabotage your relationships?
Name five personal triggers that  take you away from caring for yourself………..and take you into unrelentless care taking of another?
Have a blessed week.

Join Merri Ann Messenger, Master Astrologer on Monday night 'Skype Night' Sept. 20, 2010

Don’t Miss Merri Ann Messenger, Master Astrologer, Sept. 20, 2010

Merri Ann Messenger has been an intuitive professional astrologer since 1970. She has also been involved in the human potential movement and was part of a team that began one of the first holistic health centers in the United States in Escondido, Ca. Merri Ann is a metaphysical teacher and has a school in Stockton, California where she teaches agni yoga meditation, astrology and shamanic journeying and continues her private practice. She is trained in biofeedback and has an extensive background in nutrition. In the 1990’s, Merri Ann had a popular radio show in Santa Fe,NM, “Open Mind[
This Monday, Merri Ann  will be speaking on the consciousness shifts for the rest of 2010 and into 2011, what people can expect individually and collectively from an astrological point of view. If there is time,
Merri Ann can also do brief individual readings  for those who are interested.
I have known Merri Ann for years and have found her Astrological Sessions to be remarkable.
Please join Merri Ann and me for an insightful and informative evening on what is to come.
Be sure to bring your Birth data: Date, Time, and Place.
Love to you all,
Time:  6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
How to Skype:  Skype is a free download.   Follow the easy prompts
Email me your skype name to   Add my skype name to your skype address book:
Cost:  Free for those in my Soul Journey Program.  $18 for those who are not.  Visa/MC accepted
Space is limited:  email me at if you are going to join us.
Althea Gray, Healer


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