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Bring Your Soul Back To You

Last week, we explored and discovered some our Spirit Animals that assist us through life.
Shamans have used, throughout time, Spirit Animals to retrieve lost parts of ourselves.
How does a Soul Fragment?  Often, life’s painful experiences literally make us ‘fall to pieces’.
If too much soul lost occurs,  it is difficult to ‘become’ in life.
We can no longer truly be present in our lives.  Hopes, dreams, and aspirations become
too distant to touch.
Let us journey into Spirit and retrieve lost parts of yourself.
Let us Believe together.
It’s time.
Date:  Tomorrow Evening  February 28
Time: 6 PM pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM central, 9 PM EST
How to Skype:  Go to  It is a free download.  Follow the simple instructions.
Email me your new skype name  at  Add my name to your skype address book:  Hellopeaches
Cost:  Free for those in my Soul Journey Program  $18 for those who are not.  Check, Visa, MC accepted
Space is Limited:  Email me if you are going to join us.

A Gift from Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Many years ago,  I was called to visit Sai Baba.  He appeared in my dream state and beckoned me with roses to see him.  I resisted, but, somehow ended up in Puttaparthi
on Valentines Day.
Before I left Puttaparthi,  I was guided to bring home his Vibhooti.  I sent it by sea from a
Chennai (formerly Madras) post office.  It arrived to my home before me……… though it were sent by Airmail.
Sai Baba, over the years, has sent to me all those he most dearly loves for help and healing.
This Valentines Day,  I received a spiritual message from Sai Baba that it was time to give out the Vibhooti that I gathered so many years ago.
Vibhooti is also called Bhasma.  It is the sacred ash from the fire of a Yogi.  It is known to link us to the Divine and has great healing and protective powers.
This link will describe in detail what Vibhooti is:
If you would like me to send you this blessed Sai Baba Vibhooti, email me the following:
email address
In the grace and blessings of dearest Sai Baba,
whom I am so honored to serve,  I send you

Animal Spirit Guides: Who Are They?

Many ancient cultures called upon Spirit Animal Guides to protect them or do biddings for them in the Spirit Realm.
Shamans use them to retrieve lost parts of a clients soul/ Soul Retrieval.
We all have Animal Spirit Guides.  We will explore the history of Animal Spirit Guides , discover who your own Animal Spirit guide/s are, get messages from your animal Spirit Guides.
Join us for a fun evening.
Love and Blessings,
Time:  6 PM pacific, 7 pm mountain, 8 Pm central, 9 PM EST
How to skype:  Go to   It is a free down load. Email me your
new skype name:
Add my skype name to your new skype address book:  hellopeaches
Cost:  Free for those in my Soul Journey Program  $18 for all others
Check,Visa, MC accepted
Space is limited:  email me at if you are going to join us
Ascension Symptoms
Many of you have been describing symptoms of Ascension.
Don’t think that you are going crazy, many people are experiencing the same symptoms.
 Many of you are beginning to experience symptoms of
Norma Tarango in a recent Skype Night described it as our capacity to hold more and more light.
We are essentially becoming light beings.
Some of the symptoms are:
unexplained fatigue
cravings for sugar
waking up at odd hours
brain fog
moments of Spiritual Bliss (I call these moments ‘God Moments’)
moments of unending love for everything around you.
inspiration on all levels
On the other hand, many of you may be experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms.
Please do not confuse everyday life stuff with these symptoms.
There is a qualitative difference.
You will inwardly know the difference.

A fellow Soul Journeyer has sent Karen Bishop’s update on
what is happening at this time.
I have attached it for you to review
If you want to share your experiences with one another,
you can do so on my web site.
Go to Peachbudda Blog
Keep up your extraordinary journey to reconnect to your
Original Divine Blue Print.
I love you all,


Does the Language of Astrology Confound You?
Join us for a fun evening exploring the language of Astrology.  What do the houses mean?  What does each planet represent?  What does your birth date mean?
                                                     Love to you all,
Skype Time:  6 PM pacific, 7 PM mountain, 8 PM central, 9 PM EST.
How to Skype:  Go to   Follow the simple prompts.. 
Email me your skype name.
Add my skype name to your skype address book:  hellopeaches
Cost:  Free for those in my Soul Journey Program  $18 for others  Ck, Visa, MC accepted


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