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Happy Halloween / Happy Samhain
Pagan New Year
Join us for an evening of ghoolish ghost stories and history of
Be prepared to share your favorite ghost stories.
See you tonight.
Time to clear the goblins away.
Time: 6 PM pacific, 7 PM mountain, 8 PM pacific, 9 PM EDT
How to Skype: Skype is free: Email me your new skype name Add my skype name: hellopeaches
No Charge tonight…………join us tonight for a fun evening ~ !
Symptoms of Ascension
Do you recognize them?
Many of you have been describing symptoms of Ascension.
Don’t think that you are crazy, many people are experiencing the same things…………including me.
Many of you are beginning to experience symptoms of
Norma Tarango in a recent Skype Night described it as our capacity to hold more and more light.
We are essentially becoming light beings.
Some of the symptoms are:
unexplained fatigue
cravings for sugar
waking up at odd hours
brain fog
moments of Spiritual Bliss (I call these moments ‘God Moments’)
moments of unending love for everything around you.
inspiration on all levels
On the other hand, many of you may be experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms.
Please do not confuse everyday life stuff with these symptoms.
There is a qualitative difference.
You will inwardly know the difference.
A fellow Soul Journeyer has sent Karen Bishop’s update on
what is happening at this time.
I have attached it for you to review
If you want to share your experiences with one another,
you can do so on my web site.
Go to Peachbudda Blog
Keep up your extraordinary journey to reconnect to your
Original Divine Blue Print.
I love you all,
Today !
Take time today to honor this great passage of time, the end of a 26,000 year cycle according to the Mayan Calendar.
Here are some things that you can initiate today:
1. The past is over. Do not carry unwanted pain and baggage forward. Please let it go.
2. Contemplate what you would like to carry forward….be expansive here and positive.
3. Honor where you are … present with it.
5. Dreams of the past are the past…………DREAM OF NEW PARADIGMS THAT WILL BRING US
6. Enter today with an open heart. Forgive yourself unconditionally and then offer this
opportunity to others. Offer your enemies an opportunity to redeem themselves.
7. Understand that where wounds are is an opportunity for enlightenment
8. See life from now on as Sacred.
9. We are not alone. Make offerings. Link your heart with the heart of the Cosmos. Your
true nature is galactic and cosmic………….seeded by the stars.
10. Make your greatest ambition to be LOVE, LOVE, AND MORE LOVE. The evolution of
Human Consciousness depends on it.
With Love and Blessings,

October 28, 2011

The Beginning is Now

Norma Tarango is truly a Cosmic Being. It is no wonder that she has been champion of causes that protect the earth and has deep knowledge of gateways on this earth that connect us to our stellar roots.
Norma will be present at our 11 11 11 Retreat in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Abiquiu is at the mouth of the Venus Gateway on Earth.
Norma will discuss what this means and what the 11 11 11 portal really means to us and all the cosmos.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet Norma.
In Love and Service,
Tonight: Oct.24,2011
Time: 6 PM pacific, 7 PM mountain, 8 PM central, 9 PM EDT
How to Skype: Skype is a free download:
Add my skype name to your skype address book: hellopeaches
Email me your new Skype Address:
Cost: Free for those in my Soul Journey Program. $18 for all others
MC, Visa, Checks accepted.
Space is limited: email me if you are going to join us tonight.

Radio Show: Spiritually Speaking with Sarah, hosted by Sarah Spiritual

Date: Monday October 24, 2011

The Time: 4 PM Eastern. (1 PM pacific, 2 PM mountain, 3 PM Central)

The Guest call-in number – 561 623 9429 / 561-623-W4CY

The Radio Internet radio. 4CY is part of the Intertainment Network owned and run by Dean K. Piper. Sarah’s show is part of the Mind, Body, Spirit Mondays programming. Listeners go to and listen on their computers. The site is set up with a chat room.

Enter your new life with Love.
and a feeling of being
Trust that you are beings of Love
You can make a difference.
Intend Love
see what happens.
In Love and Service,


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  • peachbudda: Hi Erik, Thank you for viewing my blog and for the compliment. I tried to go to your blog and it said it no longer exists. I clicked on your link.
  • christoph: john was my next door neighbor in the northern san luis valley of colorado in 2008. he was an inspiration and joy to behold. his many stories of year