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Last week, I gave an over view of crystals and gemstones. We were so fortunate to have Leela as our guest to share deeper stories of
Crystals and Selenite.
We as humans are composed of the same elements as Crystals.
It is no wonder that we have such a deep love for them.
There was so much information last week to digest; I decided
to break the information down into small topics which we will share for the next few weeks.
Tonight, we will discuss “working with crystals”.
I look forward to seeing you all.
Always with Heart,
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I am grateful everyday to work with such amazing souls like you. I am grateful for the work that I am able to do….my mission in life. I am grateful to have a loving daughter and family. I am grateful to have such remarkable friends. I am grateful for every new thing I learn. I am always grateful to feel the presence of Love in my heart each and every day.
Please have a blessed day and remember those who think they have lost their way.
Happy Thanksgiving in every sense of the word.
Always with Love,
Through out the ages, Crystals and Gem Stones have been used for Seership,
Healing, Medicine, and balancing out the effects of the Stars/Planets/ and Gateways on our personal life.
More and more, we are developing a closer relationship to the mineral world.
More and more mineral deposits are being discovered all over the world.
An example are the Naica mines in Mexico.
At my 11 11 11 Retreat, we experienced the Selenite from these Caves
both in the mineral form and as a Hydrosol. What I experienced
was the Consciousness contained in the Selenite. It was profound.
Some of you have developed a sudden interest in Crystals and are longing to connect to them.
We will explore the use of Crystals, other gem minerals, and how to connect to the consciousness that resides within them.
I have missed you all and look forward to our
‘Skype Night’ tomorrow night.
Enjoy the YouTubes listed below.
Always from the Heart,
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I have contemplated and meditated on the deeper meaning of this last wave, this rite of passage into a new era of time and the movement beyond life as we now know it.
Certainly, as we look at the crisis in the world, we first are feeling the impact of economic mayhem. This is only a small part of the picture. What has really happened and is happening is of great concern.
We are in so many ways a dying planet. Yes ,this is a profound thing to say. We have lost our capacity to love………a characteristic that made humans unique. I suppose this characteristic was part of the great experiment…………what were we going to do with this unique gift that was bestowed upon human kind?
The stewardship of this characteristic was especially placed in women. The wiring of women
was designed to express deeply all of the characteristics of the great Goddess to bestow
unconditional love, wisdom, and compassion in its fullest form. Women were not designed to measure how much, but, to give all. This precious role was to be protected at any cost.
The preservation of future generations depended on it.
When and how this precious role was destroyed is of long discourse. We have been ebbing and flirting with this destruction for thousands of years. Finally and most sadly, the stewardship is lost, the wiring is long gone, and what is left is a commercial vestige of what Love is suppose to be about.
The aftermath is extreme. The pervasive violence on this planet, mother’s killing and not protecting their own babies, men’s debasing of themselves and women is in a continued downward spiral.
Men have no idea what they are protecting any longer and have long since lost their connection to their own wiring to protect the Divine Feminine Principals at any cost.
The preservation of future generations depended on it.
We have lost our capacity to Love and we who live on this unique planet are in danger of no longer existing. The magical dance of Love which sparks men and women to maintain the Sacred Union is in danger of becoming extinct.
11 11 11 is the day of a portal shift that we have been long waiting for. The shift is about the Loving Union with our own Divine nature. Some of us will make it. Some of us will not.
We only have a short time to remember………..remember your own Divine Nature which is purely and solely about Love in its fullest and purest form.
Few of you are ready and will be in a place of celebration. Many of you are afraid and need guidance at this time. Those of us who came here to help have been given the same exact
instructions. Our language is the same and it is always about Love………the Love that upholds the original Divine Feminine Principals of Love. Seek only those who imbibe Love in this form.
If you are still in a place to destroy, argue, fight…………you are NOT there.
Many have asked me about what to do on 11 11 11. If you have found a teacher or group that is upholding the principals that I have aforementioned, please join them on that day.
The frequencies of Love are pouring into this planet at this time……..helping us to remember.
Many people feel agitated and are not sleeping well. Simply tune into Love and rehearse not thoughts of fear, but, thoughts that produce unconditional love and profound compassion.
If you are going to be alone on that day, take time to remember who you really are:
a reflection of a loving continuum that is pure and Divine in nature. If you find it difficult
to hold this idea, listen to sounds that produce loving feelings within, dance, do something to help a friend or someone in need, adopt the pet you wanted, clean the trash off the streets,
clean your own space. Try to be in a place of gratitude. If you have only one dollar, give half of it away. Your half will multiply beyond your dreams………… is like that.
I am having a 11 11 11 Retreat in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Abiquiu is at the mouth of the
Venus Gateway in North America. We will clearing the old programs that have kept us from our Loving Nature. This small group includes both men and women. This group is a SEED group and what they resolve and clear will help the entire planet.
I have kept this group closed because of the kind of vulnerable work we will be doing.
Many of our beloved Local people have requested to be with this group. I am honored that you chose me. I have been instructed to keep this group closed. I would like to facilitate and offer this same gift to you at another time.
I encourage you to find a similar group that is open or if you are on your own, please following some of the guidelines that I have mentioned.
I hold you all in a place of deep love and gratitude. I am honored to be of service during this very important time.
Love and More Love,

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