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Please join us again for another Skype Night focused on working in the MATRIX.
Each week we will explore a deeper and more complex use of this amazing field.
Being in this field is like experiencing the great VOID. The sense of vastness, silence , and emptiness is like experiencing the great Void of Creation where all exist and just is.
I discovered this field in April of 2011. It looked like a great web made of filaments of light that criss crossed over the Universe. These grids hold truth…….how things really are. It appeared to be a place of Creation.
It was an astonishing space to experience and behold. When I did my research to discover more about this field, I found that Gregg Braden and Rupert Sheldrake explain this field best.
If you are going to continue to work in the Matrix, you must look at all of these videos and it parts.
It will help you understand more about what you are doing…….and, be more creative in the use of this field.
(this particular series is brilliant)
Date: Monday Jan. 30,2012
Time: 6 PM pacific, 7 PM mountain, 8 PM central, 9 PM EST
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How are Solar Flares Effecting US
Many of you may feel scrambled, tired, agitated more than normal, find your electrical things on the blink, cars not starting…………well,  recent Solar Flares could be at the bottom of this.
Solar Storms are worst than they have been in 7 years.  This will effect weather on this earth, satellites,
electrical items, even our own electromagnetic field.
So, if you were wondering why you feel so out of sorts, this is one of the possible reasons.
I have attached some articles that will educate you on the matter of Solar Storms.
Love to all of you,
Embrace Change this Year
This is a year of discovering a new relationship to time and how we use time.  Time may feel completely out of our control.
This is a year to develop a close relationship to all the wonderful Guides that have been helping you since birth.
This is a year to cultivate what makes you and the people around you happy.
This is a year to step out of the box in terms of what you believe to be true and what is an illusion.
Ask,  am I holding on to a belief system that is perpetuating a life that feels so out of balance with who I am and with who I have become?
This is a year to understand our inter dependent universe. Who we are and what we want is dependent on an interplay of our actions and re-actions.
This is a year to examine ” How do we Love”.  Love as a universal energy that critical to continued presence on this earth.
This is a year to develop active caring and active listening.  Am I really hearing you?
This is a year to think about being an inter galactic being.  We are not alone.
We are only separated by our perceptions and technology.  At least be open to the possibility.
This is a year to re-purpose things that we have. Lighten your load.
This is a year to cultivate ‘conscious living’ and ‘conscious being’.
This is a year to learn about something you know nothing about.  Explore.
This is a year to examine your expectations.  A life with no commitments, no expectations may equal a life where nothing happens.  Your life may end up as ZERO.
What do you want, Who do you want to be with, What do you believe, What do you expect of yourself, How do you see your role as co creator in this world…………these are all questions to contemplate this year.
This is a year to release SHAME.  Shame binds us to the past.  Release it as it serves no ultimate purpose.

This year we are being asked to awaken our true nature.

We are in the process of becoming.

Transformational forces are afoot guiding us on to the right path.

Turn Chaos into Order…………Divine Order.

Be Brave and courageous.

We are being asked to love and be compassionate in a way that we have never been asked before.  Love as if there is no tomorrow…… with ever fiber of your being.

We are being asked to open our heart in a way we never thought possible.

Live more from the heart (which is the bigger mind)

Be open to merging with your own Divinity and your true purpose for being.

Be willing to transmutate, regenerate and die consciously so that you can be reborn to your highest potential and  reason for being.

Be open to unconditional love……….learn how to receive.

We are being asked to view the world in a whole new way……we are no longer just global beings……….but, beings that are a part of a larger cosmos.

We are being asked to explore alternative ways of living……… open to new life styles.

Learn how to be the alchemist/ empty out old programming. and limiting beliefs.

Regardless of what is going on around you……….take time to be quiet.

And most of all, believe in MAGIC.THIS IS A YEAR TO BECOME THE MAGICIAN.+


work with your guides
Last week we began our journey to discover your Spiritual Guides.  Some of you already had steady and consistent contact, others had limited experiences with them.
This week we will continue to learn how to stay ‘in the flow’ with your guides in order to receive help, guidance, and important messages.
See you tonight.
Jan. 16, 2012
Time: 6 PM pacific, 7 PM mountain, 8 PM central, 9 PM EST
How to Skype:  Skype is a free download
Email me your new skype name:
Add my skype name:   hellopeaches
Cost:  Free for those in my Soul Journey Program  $18 for all others.
Check, Visa, MC accepted
Jan 16 4PM EST
I am happy to announce another guest appearance on Sarah Spiritual
Radio Show.   I will be sharing my 2012 insights as shared with me by my beautiful guides. 
Don’t miss this interesting show.  Call me !
Today, January 16, 2012

The Show – Spiritually Speaking with Sarah,

The Date – Monday, January 16th The Time – 4PM Eastern.

The Call-in number – 561 623 9429 The Radio Station – Internet Radio

LoVe,   Althea


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