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I am proud to present Kristi Daniels tomorrow June 11th on Skype Night
How to Share Your Message With the World
You are an amazing spark of divine creation and you are here to share your gifts and message with the world. For lightworkers that can be a daunting task! Who am I? How do I talk about what I do? How do I share the value of what I bring to someone’s life? How do I make a living doing what I love? In this Skype night session, we’ll uncover your personal brand: the true essence of who you are, what you stand for and the gifts you bring to others. You’ll discover how to effectively share your voice, your presence and your value with your community, your audience and the world
Kristi Daniels will lead our discussion. Kristi runs her own business helping individuals and organizations define who they are and what they do, so they can effectively share their mission and transform minds, conversations and lives. Kristi is an inspirational speaker, success coach and culture strategist motivating professionals and teams to bring their best forth and achieve breakthrough results at work and in life; she is also the author of Thrive 9 to 5: Your Guide to Peak Performance at Work.  Before launching her own business, Kristi was formerly an executive for the world’s largest public relations firm in Washington, DC.
Tomorrow  June 11 2012
Time: 6 PM pacific, 7 PM mountain, 8 PM central, 9 PM EDT
Cost:  Free for Soul Journeyers   Others $18  Visa MC Check accepted
How to Skype:  Skype is a free download
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  • Rod: With nearly 60 years of exposure (the 196 Papers were first published in 1955 as the Urantia Book), “Urantia” is still neither a cult nor a religi
  • peachbudda: Hi Erik, Thank you for viewing my blog and for the compliment. I tried to go to your blog and it said it no longer exists. I clicked on your link.
  • christoph: john was my next door neighbor in the northern san luis valley of colorado in 2008. he was an inspiration and joy to behold. his many stories of year