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Welcome Dowsers !
Thank you for joining my NYC Dowsing Course.
Dowsing is an active part of my Healing practice.  I use my pendulum all of the time.
Dowsing is much more than “yes” and “no”…………it is an incredible tool to increase
frequency, to clear negative energy, to bring balance, to seal and block unwanted energies.
Of course, there are much more advanced levels of Dowsing used for Medical Diagnosis, to find water,  to find missing people, to clear Haunted Houses.
I have an entire Professional Clearers TM (R) certification course
 (3 full days) that focuses only on clearing the unseen world.
Part One
This Course is open to all people who are interested in Dowsing.  Some of you are already Dowsers.   You all will be comfortable in this course.
What is dowsing?  How does it work?
You will learn how to use a pendulum and  how to use it in different applications.
You will enjoy learning how to use my different dowsing charts.
The class has a few surprises:  keyword:  Photon Energy
Be prepared to have fun and work hard.
A certificate of completion will be awarded from:
                                                 Althea Gray’s School for Professional Healers.
Your pendulum
         Stainless Steel Pendulums will be available for sale ~ Class price $30  normally $38

LOCATION  231 W. 29th Street 11th Floor  Suite 1105
                         New York, New York 1001
See You Soon !
New Registrations must contact me before Sunday   505 577 3938

A special Thank you to Jennifer Hickman and
Jacques Phillip !


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