Althea Gray – PEACHBUDDA

We Are All One

Posted on: September 9, 2013

Spiritual Sarah Radio Show: April 24, 2013

As President Obama said,” Unless we are Native American, we all come from some place else”

 All people, all animals, all plants, all minerals,  exist because of Spirit.  Nothing can exist without Spirit.

This makes us one.

 All living sentient things on this planet require the same elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth to exist here on this earth. 

6 components make up all life: Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosperous, and sulfer. Every being from the smallest amoeba to largest whale share this life stream.  Our DNA Blocks are all the same.

The human being cannot produce minerals on its own.  We get minerals from the plants and the plants get minerals from the earth.

We are a interdependent Universe.

This indeed  makes us all one.

Did you know that we share the same DNA as the tree?  A native American elder said the tree breathes what we exhale.  When the tree exhales, we need what the tree exhales.  As such, we have a common destiny with the tree.

We all are part of a common evolution.  We all have our roles to play.   This makes all us one.

When we do not honor even one thing in our natural world…………we all experience the same  reaction and consequence.   This makes us one.

Each personal decision we make effects the collective.  Each collective decision we make effects the globe.   Each Global decision that is made, effects every aspect of life.   This makes us all one.

What I destroy in myself, I eventually destroys in others.  What others destroy may affect every aspect of life as we know it.   This makes us all one.

Evolution is not an isolated event.  We evolve together………….nothing on this earth is left behind.   This makes us all one.

NASA has found  new red dwarf stars that contain trillions of earths.

Our idea of earth is expanding…………………… expanding even more of what makes us all one.



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