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Where are You in Your
Ascension Process?
Hello Soul Journeyers:
In 2012,  there was a plethora of material on Ascension Symptoms.
Here it is 2014, and I don’t actually see much of this material any more. Ascension is happening rapidly, rest assured.
I wanted to remind some of you specifically and some of you globally, that these symptoms of Ascension are still very much happening.  Some of you are complaining of ear ringing, headaches, sleeplessness,
funny eating patterns,food cravings, spacing out, disorientation, feeling a sense that I HAVE TO be on my purpose right now !  Time feels like it has accelerated.  It feels like there is no time left.  This feeling
is producing anxiety in many of you.  Remember, we are just experiencing time in a different way.
We have plenty of time.  The lack of time is only a perception.
We are well into the frequencies of the 4th Dimension.  We are much more connected to Divine Creation
 than ever before.  We do have to be conscious thinkers as what we think happens pretty quickly.  Aspire, Inspire, Conspire to hold UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: 
When you are not in the “Love” vibration, life will feel empty no matter how much you think you have.
What is happening on the inner/outer planes is exciting.  We are Ascending to a New Earth.
This New Earth was shown and explained to me in December 2012.  The New Earth looks like the Old Earth except that it is operating at a much higher frequency.  If you are addicted to “drama”……watch out.
It may hold you back and slow down your ability to become part of the higher frequencies which are leading us to whole new way of life. 
It is hard to imagine right now as chaos engulfs us around the world.  We are in the process of disintegrating what simple does not work any more.
Be simple, Be kind, Be loving.   Say no to dramas.  Find your tiny spot of peace and go there every day.
My heart is always holding all of you in light.




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