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When I was a child, I had an passion for learning about other lands and other people.

I excelled in Geography.  I had Pen Pals in England, Turkey, India, and Thailand.  They got to know me and me them.

I learned to love the world as a result of these connections.

Today,  I am an Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka.  I represent the government and the people of Sri Lanka in New Mexico.

Several years ago, the head of the physics department at the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces asked me to do a presentation on Sri Lanka.  He said that his PhD students from Sri Lanka changed his department for the better.  He wanted to know more about Sri Lanka and why these students were so special.

I prepared a power point discussing the culture, the beauty, and the passion for learning in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka has a 97 percent literacy rate.

When I completed my presentation, the Head of the Department wanted to visit Sri Lanka.  The Sri Lankan students who attended the presentation were so proud that someone understood their culture and appreciated who they are.

Many people have come to our shores from the very beginning to seek religious freedom, educational opportunities,  to share in our passion for innovation.

We all are inspired or are influenced by all our friends who come to our shores.

Let us not close the doors on what really makes America Great:  the open spirit of American People.







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